Andres Mejia of McKinsey & Co.: Why Help Nonprofits?

Andres Mejia Mckinsey

Andres Mejia, a former employee with McKinsey & Co., is a successful entrepreneurial professional with decades of international experience. He is devoted to professional excellence and maintaining his reputation as a thought leader, but he’s also passionate about helping others.

Whether he was working with McKinsey & Co. or anywhere else, Andres Mejia has long been involved with volunteer efforts to aid nonprofit organizations. He has helped people in Brazil, Haiti, Colombia, Peru, New York and Texas, and he isn’t stopping any time soon.

  • Build the World You Want to Live in

By helping nonprofits that are working on causes you support, you take a part in building the world you want to live in. For example, if you’re passionate about education, you can help kids learn by volunteering as a tutor.

  • Make Friends

Volunteering can be a fun social activity that gets you out of your comfort zone and helps you make friends. Many adults find new friends by working with nonprofit organizations.

If you can, find a professional like Andres Mejia of McKinsey & Co. to volunteer alongside for your first time. It gives you a positive reason to reach out to your peers and you’ll feel more confident volunteering with someone else.

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Andres Mejia with McKinsey – Working With Non-profit Companies

Andres Mejia with McKinsey enjoys helping others become successful and reach their goals. He has worked with many non-profit companies over the years and donated both his time and money to help them. If you are looking for some ways to help non-profit companies in your area, these tips can help.

Andres Mejia Mckinsey (6)

Raise Money

Many non-profit companies are in need of funds in order to run and operate. You may want to donate any extra money you have to your favorite non-profit company or organization. You can also do fundraisers to help earn money for the company.

Volunteer Your Time

Many non-profit companies need help completing their daily activities. Some of them are understaffed and many of them are not staffed at all and depend on volunteers to stay open and be successful. Even volunteering just a few hours of your time a week can make a big difference.

Raise Awareness

If you can’t volunteer time or money, you can help by raising awareness for the organization and its cause. This could inspire other people to donate money or volunteer and will spread the word about the non-profit company.

If you are aware of a non-profit company and would like to help them like Andres Mejia McKinsey, there following tips can help. You can make a difference with just a few small steps at a time. Get creative and think of other ways you can help the non-profit companies in your area.

McKinsey Organizations Solutions Expert Andres Mejia Advocates for Many Non-Profit Organizations

Having recently moved to Miami, McKinsey & Co. Manager Andres Mejia Mckinsey has developed many relationships with non-profit organizations in the area. A non-profit organization is one that has other goals than most organizations, goals which have nothing to do with making profit. These types of businesses are usually focused on social causes, such as charity work. Any revenue that is accumulated by the non-profit organization must be filtered back into the endeavors of the program. These profits are never distributed to shareholders or stock holders. The non-profit business is not concerned with making money, unless that money is to benefit a specific cause.

Andres Mejia Mckinsey (6)

After his relocation Andres Mejia quickly discovered that there are a number of quality non-profit organizations right in his own back yard. Each offers a chance for volunteering or financial donation, and every one of them can use more support. Some of the non-profit organizations and charities he is looking to endorse include the likes of the Miami Heart Research Institute, the Women of Tomorrow Mentor and Scholarship Program, and the Take Stock in Children program.

Andres Mejia Mckinsey

Supporting and advocating for these organizations gives Mejia a great sense of satisfaction. Alex Mbugua believes that anyone who can donate their time or money should do so. This is a concept that Andres Mejia stresses to all of his McKinsey & Co. colleagues. You do not have to give large amounts of money to help a non-profit organization make a big difference in the world. By simply giving your time here and there you can be a helping hand to those in need.