McKinsey Organizations Solutions Expert Andres Mejia Advocates for Many Non-Profit Organizations

Having recently moved to Miami, McKinsey & Co. Manager Andres Mejia Mckinsey has developed many relationships with non-profit organizations in the area. A non-profit organization is one that has other goals than most organizations, goals which have nothing to do with making profit. These types of businesses are usually focused on social causes, such as charity work. Any revenue that is accumulated by the non-profit organization must be filtered back into the endeavors of the program. These profits are never distributed to shareholders or stock holders. The non-profit business is not concerned with making money, unless that money is to benefit a specific cause.

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After his relocation Andres Mejia quickly discovered that there are a number of quality non-profit organizations right in his own back yard. Each offers a chance for volunteering or financial donation, and every one of them can use more support. Some of the non-profit organizations and charities he is looking to endorse include the likes of the Miami Heart Research Institute, the Women of Tomorrow Mentor and Scholarship Program, and the Take Stock in Children program.

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Supporting and advocating for these organizations gives Mejia a great sense of satisfaction. Alex Mbugua believes that anyone who can donate their time or money should do so. This is a concept that Andres Mejia stresses to all of his McKinsey & Co. colleagues. You do not have to give large amounts of money to help a non-profit organization make a big difference in the world. By simply giving your time here and there you can be a helping hand to those in need.



McKinsey Organizations Solutions Expert Andres Mejia Follows Futbol

Whether you call it Soccer or Futbol, McKinsey & Co. Manager Andres Mejia is a big fan. Having grown up in Colombia, this is no surprise. Even though he lives in the United States now he still has plenty of opportunities to root for his favorite teams each year. Living in Miami also gives him the chance to watch futbol games live, in his own city. Futbol is an old sport, originating in 1863. The first game ever played took place on December 19th at Limes Field in London, England. Over the past one hundred fifty-three years a love of the game has spread across the entire globe.

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Today, there are as many as two hundred nine different teams affiliated with the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). These teams are divided among six confederations which are located on six continents. The Asian Football Confederation boasts forty-seven different teams, while the Confederation Africaine de Football has fifty-five soccer teams. The Confederation of North, Central American, and Caribbean Association Football encompasses an additional forty-two soccer teams, and the Oceania Football Confederation oversees eleven more.

His home continent of South America is also home to the Confederacion Sudamericana de Futbol confederation, which handles the ten football leagues in their region. This includes Mejia’s home team “Los Cafeteros”. Lastly, the Union of European Football Associations is the confederation that oversees the fifty-four teams located in Europe. McKinsey & Co. Manager Andres Mejia is a true lover of football, and catches every game he possibly can.

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