Andres Mejia of McKinsey & Co. – Things Great Managers Do

Andres Mejia has built a reputation for himself as an experienced, motivational manager who gets results with every team that he leads. As a result of his reputation, Andres presently works with McKinsey & Co.. Professionals like Andres Mejia don’t get hired by companies like McKinsey & Co. without great skills. If you aspire to similar business achievements, focus on emulating successful managers like Andres. Developing some of the following traits can help:

Andres Mejia McKinsey

  • Straightforward Communication – As a manager, you want to earn a reputation for being honest at all times. Regardless of the situation, communicate in a straightforward fashion that assures all involved parties of your honesty. If something is bad, for example, tell the client just that rather than sugarcoating the news.
  • Assign the Right Jobs – Managers must examine their teams so that they can assign the right jobs to the right people. Examine your employees and make sure that each is working on tasks that suit their skillsets. This will quickly improve a company’s productivity and employee happiness.
  • Lead with Integrity – When you become a manager, you acquire new responsibility. You must accept blame, even in cases when you are not entirely at fault, and give credit where it is due. Management is not a position of glory, but one of respect, and you must treat it as such.

Andres Mejia McKinsey & Co., and professionals like him, work to improve their management skills every day. Keep traits like those above in mind so that you can improve your professional reputation too.