Andres Mejia of McKinsey & Co. – Why Travel to Latin America

Andres Mejia of McKinsey & Co. is an international businessman who enjoys traveling, volunteering and learning. Among Andres Mejia’s many interests when he isn’t engaged in his work for McKinsey & Co. is the Latin American continent. Latin America doesn’t tend to be high on the visiting list for many travelers, but with a bit of education on the topic, many find themselves changing their minds. Some of the many reasons that travelers love America include:

Andres Mejia Mckinsey

  • Explore Colombia– If you don’t think of Latin America as a travel hotspot, you haven’t seen the modern offerings of Colombia. Colombian destinations have won countless large travel awards since 2005, and they continue to improve and to wow travelers.
  • See Culture, Landscape and Wildlife – Latin American countries offer an enthralling blend of culture, landscape and wildlife. In a single day, you can experience vibrant culture, see stunning horizons and witness diverse wildlife. Many resorts offer all of this without ever walking far from your hotel room so that you can experience Latin America at your own pace.

Andres Mejia McKinsey & Co. and similar travelers do not judge an area until they have visited it. By applying a similar approach, you’ll vastly widen your travel horizons.